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Pest Control Ultrasonic Organic Repellent

Regular Price: $29.99

Price: $9.99

Shipping Time:Ships in 2-3 business days

Return Policy: 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Protects Entire Home with high frequency deep penetrating ultrasonic waves at 20-55kHZ and a coverage area of over 1,350 feet per device.
  • No poisons, chemicals, toxins, pesticides, no odors, no noise is heard to humans or pets. Pests scramble to leave your home and never come back.
  • No buying traps, paying exterminators or pest control companies. The pest reject pest blocker works 24/7 – 365
  • Easy Installation simply plug in and the product starts working. Pests will leave their nests due to the ultrasonic waves and leave your home
  • Latest Upgraded Technology will disturb pests to leave and prevent them from entering your home. Pests must leave in order to survive and will not get immune to the sounds.
  • Ships within 2-3 business days
  • Delivers within 7-14 business days 
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

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